Building Connections That Really Matter

Congratulations for making it to the video interview stage of the recruitment process! 

You’re one step closer to becoming part of the Virgin Media family.

A video interview might feel strange at first, but we wanted to give you the flexibility to complete the interview in your own time, in a place that suits you.

Having said this, the video interview is still a really important part of the recruitment process. 

Our recruitment team will use this to find out whether the role is right for you.

By reading our hints and tips below, we’ll help debunk some video interview myths, and get you prepared to put your best foot forward.

We believe that research is key! 

Before the interview, make sure you know what we do, what interests you about the role and why you want to join us. 

A good place to start would be to take a look at the following video to see how best to prepare for your upcoming interview:

Let's get started

You may also find it useful to take a look at our values:

Girl smiling

Dress as you would for a face to face interview. 

Smart casual is best!

You can complete the interview on a mobile device, laptop or desktop. Avoid distractions by turning any other nearby devices to silent mode.

Make sure to do the interview in a room that is light. Opening curtains or turning on the lights will do the trick.

woman in a dark room looks at a laptop computer
Someone on their mobile phone

Have a glass of water with you so that you don’t need to get up during the interview.

Man with glasses drinks glass of water

Sit at a suitable distance from your computer or phone. Too close and you may sound muffled, too far and we might not catch all your answers.

Relax and let your personality shine through!

Man looks at laptop
Woman looks at laptop

If you wish to complete your interview on a mobile device/tablet, you will need to download the “Launchpad” app from your app store. 

This is really easy, just click one of the options below to download the app. 

Once you’ve got it on your device, simply access the assessment link from your email and begin your interview.

Please note, if completing your interview on a mobile device it is important that you scroll to check you have read full question and points to consider.

If you’d rather not be filmed, there will be an option for you to blur the video. 

You’ll not be able to start the assessment without testing your camera and microphone – so you’ll still need these pieces of equipment, but the important thing is that we can hear you clearly.

The interview will last for 15-30 minutes. We’ve included some time in between each question for you to prepare, so use this time to collect your thoughts or drink some water.

We’ll be asking you a mix of motivational and competency questions so please be prepared to answer both kinds of question.

When answering the questions, think about the skills and experiences you’ve gained from previous work or studies and how you could apply them to the role that you are interviewing for.

If you haven’t received the link for your video interview please check your junk or spam folders before giving us a call.

Other useful information

And finally…

Don’t worry if you feel nervous – it’s normal!

We hope this page provides you with lots of hints and tips for your upcoming interview. 

However should you have any questions, or wish to speak to us, please register for our upcoming chat events.

If you have any last-minute questions, please contact us at or call us on 0845 302 6999.

Our friendly recruitment team will be happy to help.

Should you experience any technical difficulties during the interview, please contact 0845 302 6999.

We really appreciate the time that you’ve put in to this and we have our fingers crossed for you.

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